NOVA Foam Concrete Leveling has the solution
to the many challenges you face in maintaining
the concrete around your home our business.

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Have you noticed sunken, uneven, or cracked concrete around your house?

NOVA Foam Concrete Leveling has the solution to the many challenges you face in maintaining the concrete around your home or business. When properly maintained, the concrete will be safe and beautiful for many years to come.

At less than half the cost of replacement, Foam Concrete Leveling is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete, with no color change in concrete, no damage to grass or landscaping and the work being completed in hours instead of days. You can walk on the repaired concrete immediately and drive on it in 4-6 hours. All our work is guaranteed!

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Concrete Leveling

Polyurethane concrete leveling achieves its results with a lightweight material that requires smaller and fewer injection holes. Also known as foam lifting, Polyurethane concrete raising is the best concrete repair method available. Polyurethane concrete raising is a cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete. There is minimal mess and minimal waste involved with concrete lifting. Compared to slab replacement, where the removed material will end up in the landfill, concrete lifting produces virtually no waste and is better for the environment. Most polyurethane projects can be completed quickly and economically with minimal disruption, and are ready for use the same day.

Concrete leveling is done in three simple steps:

  1. Drilling small injection holes around areas where the concrete requires lifting. The necessary equipment is in a truck or trailer and will remain parked while the NOVA crew determines how much hose is needed to repair the area. 
  2. Pumping polyurethane foam into the holes to fill the void and lift the slab.
  3. Patching the small holes with new cement for a beautiful finish. 

After that, the concrete slab is ready for use immediately. Settled concrete is often a result of poor soil conditions underneath the slab, and polyurethane foam is such an ideal fit because the material is so lightweight it will not put an additional burden on the weak soil. 

Once your concrete has been raised, the only evidence it was repaired will be the virtually invisible, filled in, holes. 


Are your sidewalks uneven? Afraid of tripping? Standing water? 

Protect your investment!

Take a walk around your home. If you have a problem with sunken, cracked, or uneven concrete, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary liability. NOVA Foam Concrete Leveling has the solution! 

Concrete raising is the process of raising and stabilizing settled concrete. It can be applied around your home for areas including:

  • Driveways
  • Steps
  • Patios
  • Garage Floors
  • Pool Decks
  • Sidewalks

What can concrete raising repair?

  • Trip Hazards
  • Pooling Water in low spots
  • Slabs pitching into a foundation
  • The bump as you pull into your garage
  • Slab vibration/rocking


NOVA Foam Concrete Leveling can repair a concrete slab to help maintain a safer environment for workers and cut down on lost time due to spills or accidents caused by an uneven concrete slab.

Concrete leveling avoids the downtime of tearing out and replacing concrete and can repair your concrete slab without interfering with your daily operation.

Customers can still access your main entrance as our very courteous crew will make sure traffic flow is not interrupted. Most jobs can be done in one day, and your operations can continue while we work. We can work around your stock or machinery and work around your schedule.

Trip Hazards and ADA Compliance

Trip hazards challenge all citizens, but especially the old, young, disabled and those with canes, crutches, or wheelchairs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 defines a ‘trip hazard’ as any vertical change of over 1/4 inch at any joint or crack. Since the ADA demands strict compliance, trip hazards can represent a legal liability. When lifting and leveling concrete with polyurethane foam, trip hazards can be completely and cleanly removed, virtually eliminating claims that result from trips and falls on uneven sidewalks. NOVA Foam Concrete Leveling is up-to-date on current ADA construction regulations, and we have the experience to help bring your entrance-ways, sidewalks, parking areas, driveways or patios up to ADA standards.


NOVA Foam Concrete Leveling serves the Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and suburban Maryland areas. 

Since 2006, we have met the insulation needs of homeowners, general contractors and building owners with quality products and expert service. 

As a natural progression, in 2013 we expanded our services to include polyurethane foam concrete leveling. Based in Loudoun County, Virginia, we are an owner-operated local business contractor specializing in spray polyurethane foam concrete leveling. We are committed to providing affordable solutions that are environmentally friendly, permanent and American made. We are experts in this field and have extensive training and experience in designing solutions for residential projects as well as commercial and municipal projects.

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